Our Services

Commercial and Residential 

Orange County Lawn Service ​

"The Best garden service in Orange County. Javier is easy to work with, trustworthy, prices are fair and he always gets the job done on time. I use him for all of my projects that need lawn care. 

       - Rick Forehan (Owner of Forehan Construction) 

Lawn Maintenance & Fertilization 

We keep your lawn healthy and vigorous organically without the use of fertilization. Give your lawn the healthy treatment it needs to weather the elements 

Tree Care 

Tree trimming and pruning encourages air circulation which reduces disease incidence and the possibility of damage from high winds.


Proper irrigation system maintenance is a balance between conservative and providing enough water in the right way for healthy plant growth.

Surface Insect Control

Protect your flowers and plants from damaging insects throughout the seasons.

Weed Control Services 

Protect your investment. Weeds are very aggressive and can easily take over a lawn if not kept in check.


Strengthen your lawn with high quality grass seed to help replenish bare or damaged areas caused by drought or other circumstances.

Low Volt Lighting 

Lighting helps accentuate the beauty of your landscape. Well designed low voltage lighting can transform the appearance, feel, and use of your  lawn.